Accountability in the New Year
Accountability in the New Year

The holidays are almost over; the new year is fast approaching. In a sense, the new year provides us with a clean slate, a fresh start, there’s a newness of where we are heading or what we could be about, what we could accomplish in 2016. We might have trips we want to plan, pounds we want to lose, friends we want to call, rooms we want to paint, a job change we want to implement, or books waiting to be read. As we know, wanting is one thing and accomplishing is another.

The season provided us the opportunity to take stock of where we are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We can take time to look deeper, inside our personal home, where mind, body, and soul come together.

The new year is not just about resolutions; it is a good time to take stock of what’s inside and to consider what could use a personal winter tune-up. What can I commit to or recommit to this month, this year? What am I willing to let go of? What would sustain my health, mind body, and spirit?

The good news…the new year is just around the corner!

There’s still time…time to be accountable, to do something for you. Get back on track and stay on track. Even if you don’t make a New Year’s resolution, you can still jump-start your goals for 2016.
So, step up, show up, and choose to be accountable. There are basic steps to being accountable and staying accountable. It’s about you and where you want to be. It takes attention and intention. There are four basic questions to ask yourself:

What am I going to do?
Get a plan, an idea, and a goal. Say it aloud. Write it down. Be specific. Be concise. Make it tangible. Review it daily. For example: “I will apply for five jobs this week because it’s a new year and I’m ready to make it happen.”

 When will I do it?
This is about commitment. What is your timeline? What is your deadline? Keep a log of your actions and plot your progress.

How will I accomplish it?
What steps will lead to your success? Remember, most goals are accomplished by baby steps rather than a quantum leap.

Who will know if I’m accountable?
You will! It can be helpful to have support to stay accountable. Tell your spouse or friend about what you want to accomplish.

We at Anderson & Associates wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!