Timecard procedure

  • Completed timecards are due in our office every Monday by 8:00am. In the event that Monday is a holiday and our office is closed your timecard is due Tuesday morning at 8:00am.
  • We offer a number of options to submit your timecard on time:
    • ✓  Dropped off at our office (mail slot in our door if closed)
    •   Faxed to 530-894-1122 (always calls us after you fax to confirm we received your fax)
    • ✓  Scanned and emailed to dengstrom@andersonjobs.com and jmerlo@andersonjobs.com

Important tips to remember about completing your timecard correctly:

  • Must be legible
  • Signed by you and your supervisor
  • Indicate the correct daily hours including meal time breaks and total each day and add them together for a weekly total
  • Round your time to the nearest quarter hour
  • A blank timecard will be enclosed with each paycheck

Have a question about your timecard? Reach out and connect with one of our staff...we are here to support you!

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